Fences and Grace #2

In this second part of the blog, I’d like to explore the other line in the film that stood out for me in terms of grace and the gospel.

Rose: I been standing with you! I been right here with you, Troy. I got a life too. I gave eighteen years of my life to stand in the same spot with you.

This conversation takes place after Troy confesses to Rose that he had an affair with another woman and that he is going to be a daddy, again! Troy is 53 years old. He is an old man. Rose has been his faithful companion. Rose cannot believe what she just heard. She is bamboozled and then begins to lay out her case because she just cannot believe what Troy said to her.

At the basement, Cory has been listening to the conversation the whole time. When his father grabs his mum’s hand, Cory in a fit of rage comes out and tackles him. Cory then throws a punch that hits and knocks him down. Troy and Cory are both stunned by what just happened.

Troy gets on his feet and guns for Cory, but Rose stops him.

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This is war!


2 Samuel 3:1 NKJV

Now there was a long war between the house of Saul and the house of David. But David grew stronger and stronger, and the house of Saul grew weaker and weaker.

Right off the gate, Saul and David are both from the same house of Israel. What does Israel represent? The Israel in the wilderness and in Canaan is the NATION under the Old Covenant of law. The Israel of God is the CHURCH under the New Covenant of grace (Galatians 6:16)

Secondly, Saul and David represent two different set or type of believers. Saul is a believer that depends or rests on his own self-effort, performance, strength and obedience. Saul really conducted his life on his self-effort, his performance, and his doing. He did what he wanted to do. He obeyed when he felt it was right. He lived to please people. He did it his way.

David on the other hand believed in chesed. He was totally reliant on the chesed of the Lordchesed is the Hebrew word for grace or the commonly used word lovingkindness . His psalms are full of chesed – his reliance and dependence on chesed for everything.

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You waited by Travis Greene

I love listening and playing songs that amplify who Jesus is and what he did for us. They warm my heart, nourish my soul and enrich my faith. This is on one those.

You waited is a song by Travis Greene that is hitting the right grace tones at the moment. This song is in his new album – Cross over:Live from Music City. The album is expected to be released on August 18, 2017.

This single – You waited is available now on iTunes. Be sure to check it out.

Here are the lyrics
You called out my name
Knew my past, covered my shame
This amazing grace
You’ve shown, so patiently
You’ve shown, so patiently

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How Jesus serves us

The story of Ruth is one that really warms my heart because in a sense I see myself in her story. Every time I read her story, I’m enamored by how Jesus is always attracted to outsiders – the least, weak, women, poor, sick, imperfect, prisoner, widows, orphans, uneducated, oppressed, illegitimate, immigrants, etc. Her story offers us insights into how grace really works and who it works for.

At this point in Ruth’s life, she is a Moabitess and there was a law against her tribe and her people. This was the law – No Ammonite or Moabite or any of their descendants for ten generations may be admitted to the assembly of the Lord. (Deuteronomy 23:3) Ruth was a real outsider.

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Weaknesses…His grace is sufficient

Weakness is weak

Revealingly bleak

Like a creek it leaks and reeks

Of failure…like a tick

It sticks with abandon streak

Yet it humanizes

Even as it crystallizes

You and I with increases

Of the human population that God increases

Even as He works through yours and my weaknesses

Poem by Arnold Etyang

I hate any and every form of weakness in myself, in others, whether perceived or otherwise. It is for this reason that I have read (almost) everything there is to self-help my way through porn addiction. From books that teach one how to avert one’s gaze while on the streets to avoid looking too long at the opposite sex, to books that tell one what a man is and how he should behave himself publicly and privately. I have read all these. Yet, I still continue to and will continue to till I get rid of this weakness. Please don’t fault me on that and like I said earlier – I HATE ANY AND EVERY FORM OF WEAKNESS!

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I am who Jesus is

I refuse to be defined by my experiences — whether good or bad
I am not my education level.
I am not my career achievements.
I am not my relationship status — single, married or complicated
I am not my sexual orientation — straight, gay or queer.
I am not my title – Dr/Mr/M.D/Founder/Apostle/Chairman/Bishop/Honorable etc
I am not the color of my skin.
I am not my back account balance.
I am not my years of spiritual duties and activities — church attendance, tithing, leading worship, speaking in tongues, all night prayer vigils, fasting etc
I am not my vision, purpose and destiny.
I am not my dieting and exercise.
I am not my gender — male, female or transgender.

I am who Jesus is and His finished work on the cross for me — the gospel – Grace

When that is in perspective, everything else makes sense.

that’s what grace looks like