A new reformation within the Charismatic Movement

This week we celebrated the 500th anniversary of the reformation. On 31st October 500 years ago, a German monk by the name of Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the door of the All Saints Church. He also sent the theses with a letter to Albert of Brandenburg the Archbishop of Mainz. His one act sparked religious, intellectual, political, and cultural change that completely altered the Church and the then world. What took place was earth shattering to say the least. The Catholic Church splintered and the protestant movement was formed and the after effects are still being felt to this day

In his 95 theses, he argued that faith in Jesus alone and not selling of indulgences or good works was the only way to obtain pardon for sin (sola fide). He also argued for the sole reliance on scriptures (sola scriptura) as the foundation for the beliefs in the Church. Let me not get you tangled up in the weeds. Basically, his action was summed up in this – Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. Period!

Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. 

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Top secrets to landing a job with the grace company – How to prep your CV



I’ve always been fascinated by leadership and especially how leaders recruit their workers or employees. The recruiting process in companies, organizations, religious organizations, learning institutions, goverments etc. is one that I’ve studied for a long time. It is amazing to see the different approaches used to recruit and retain workers and employees. Some approaches are very rigorous because they seek to always to get the crème de la crème of the work force. 

Here’s a short breakdown of what top companies do during their recruiting process.

  1. Make calls to assess interest and team fit.
  2. Skype, FaceTime or video calls with a recruiter – this usually takes three to four weeks
  3. On site interviews at the HQ or site offices – takes 6 to 8 hours. At this point you get to meet with the people you’d be working with for a culture fit assessment (would you be able to fit into the company’s culture?)
  4. Week or so later you get your results.

This whole process takes time (up to 4 months or more) and a lot of money.

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Why your hair matters to God – Why you are more valuable to God



Every morning for the past 6 years I have been at the front seat of my wife’s hair-do. I mean literally. Jenny has this particular routine that she has perfected throughout her entire life that she goes through every single morning. Here it is – wakes up – has cereal for breakfast and reads — takes supplements — goes to the toilet (reads while in there) — showers — blow dries her hair  — does her make-up — done. All these take around two hours. Yes, two hours folks. I don’t know how she does it. 

I want to zero in on the part where she blow dries her hair. If I’m lying in bed or downstairs, I usually know that its time for the hair-do because of the sound the hair dryer makes. I’ve actually developed a snarky comment that I make – that the factory is now open for business because of the sound the hair dryer makes. 

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Are you normal, common, ordinary, or just plain simple? Here’s why grace is for people like you and I




Most of my life I’ve been bombarded with the idea that God uses people with specialized skills, experiences, gifting’s, talents, titles, etc. The religious landscape is permeated with many super gifted people and every imaginable title. It almost seems like religion is for the super gifted with normal ordinary people being spectators. Books and sermons with titles such as ten keys to an exceptional life, ten steps to living your dream, ten ways to financial freedom, etc, have become trigger points for the search to live out the purpose driven life as one noted author writes which only the super gifted can achieve. 

Within the Charismatic Movement (a movement within the church) we have a saying that goes like this: when the “natural” meets the “super”, the natural becomes supernatural. When the “ordinary” meets “extra”, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. The result of this teaching is this – we chase after the “super” or “extra” so that we can become extraordinary or supernatural. The chase is usually after the anointing, the miraculous, the supernatural, the glory, the shekinah, the mystical, etc. The emphasis shifts from just being common and ordinary. After all who wants to be ordinary? Duh…

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What I did after I got my driver’s license

I can certainly remember when I qualified for the South African driver’s license. It was July 31st 2017, 10:45am. The testing station was at Bedfordview and the examiner was a Mr. Niekerk – a soft-spoken, non-threatening and unassuming gentleman who guided me through the test. I arrived at the test station at 10am in a mad rush because I had miscalculated some appointments. He did some paperwork and went ahead to explain what the test would entail and after a few minutes led me to the yard.

I must say the test went very well. I passed the test the first time. I am one of the few that could actually attest to the fact that they did the test and passed it the first time. For most people it is a harrowing experience.

After the test he did his calculations and informed me that I had passed the test. He was happy for me. I had officially qualified as a holder of the South African driver’s license. I paid and received a temporary driver’s license that I could use on the roads for 8 weeks until my valid license arrived.

It gets interesting from here…

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Brought to the end of ourselves – the gift that marriage has given us


Our wedding day – September 2, 2011

So, Jenny and I are celebrating our 6th year in marriage. To the one’s that have been married recently that’s like, “Wow that’s amazing guys.” To the ones that have been in this game for long they are like, “Mschew, nothing to see here.” hahahahahaha

On September 2, 2011, we made our vows before God and in front of our families and friends. It was a joyous occasion. I cried and snorted like a baby. The day was a blur to me though. I cannot remember most of the details. The only thing I do remember is that the next day we drove around Johannesburg looking for a doctor because I had mild pneumonia. That’s how we started our honeymoon.

Here we are 6 years later. As we celebrate our 6th anniversary we decided to write a short post about our journey. It’s something we plan to do every year. This is the first of many posts to come about our marriage and how the gospel of grace has worked its way in and through our lives.

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This is war!


2 Samuel 3:1 NKJV

Now there was a long war between the house of Saul and the house of David. But David grew stronger and stronger, and the house of Saul grew weaker and weaker.

Right off the gate, Saul and David are both from the same house of Israel. What does Israel represent? The Israel in the wilderness and in Canaan is the NATION under the Old Covenant of law. The Israel of God is the CHURCH under the New Covenant of grace (Galatians 6:16)

Secondly, Saul and David represent two different set or type of believers. Saul is a believer that depends or rests on his own self-effort, performance, strength and obedience. Saul really conducted his life on his self-effort, his performance, and his doing. He did what he wanted to do. He obeyed when he felt it was right. He lived to please people. He did it his way.

David on the other hand believed in chesed. He was totally reliant on the chesed of the Lordchesed is the Hebrew word for grace or the commonly used word lovingkindness . His psalms are full of chesed – his reliance and dependence on chesed for everything.

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