Your deeply flawed husband


Dear wife,
Listen closely…
That husband of yours is as deeply flawed and wounded as they come – if you hadn’t noticed yet. It’s not his fault. It’s not even his parent’s fault. His parents were just as flawed and wounded as he is. And their parents (his grandparents) were just as flawed and wounded. 
Whose fault is it anyway?
It’s Adam and Eve’s fault. Adam and Eve did that. We are all still suffering because of those two.

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Grace, marriage and weakness


Many people enter into marriage

Too strong

Too knowledgeable

Too wise

Too experienced

Too spiritual or religious

Too smart

Too clever

Too educated

Too strategic

Mainstream advice on dating and marriage (whether from the church or world) tells single people that they have to enter into marriage knowing their strengths and how to use their strengths to their advantage. By this they mean that single people need to know the strengths that they would bring into their marriage.

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