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The gospel according to Chapati/Roti #2

© January 27, 2018 | Schulter Etyang I had to do part two of the gospel according to chapati. Why? The famous chapati is unavoidably and metaphorically Jesus and his work for us — hiding in plain sight. If there is one thing that God desires we all know is his son Jesus and his work for us. Why? It is the basis on which we are now accepted, adopted and blessed. Edmund P. Clowney in his book, Preaching Christ in all of Scripture, writes, “The Father is jealous for the revelation of his son.” “The Father is jealous for the revelation of his son.” It is amazing to me that all the ingredients that are used in the cooking of chapati point us to Jesus and his work for us. That’s what I want you to see in this post. 

Mighty Cross (Live) – Elevation Worship

    Sometimes I wonder aloud why Elevation Church write such gospel centered songs and still preach “me-centered” sermons. I guess we don’t get it 100% all the time.  In the meantime we receive and enjoy anything from them that points us to Jesus and His work on the cross for us – the gospel. Song title – Mighty Cross (Live) – Elevation Worship Lyrics – Recommended key – G – [Verse 1] On the day, that death surrendered To the mighty cross of Jesus Christ The earth would shake, beneath the weight Of darkened skies [Verse 2] On His brow, a crown of sorrow For a King whose weakness was our strength No word He spoke, His love was shown For all to see [Chorus] O the cross of Jesus Christ Is the reason I’m alive For His blood, has set me free It will never lose, its power for me! [Verse 3] Now the dawn, of resurrection Floods the night, as hope prevails to shine Salvation wakes, our chains to break And we …

Grace and the beauty of sleep

I have always admired (even envied) how Jenny sleeps. She sleeps so well. Jenny can sleep for 12 hours straight with one or no breaks at all. She also sleeps very quietly. She makes no sounds at all. I could count with my fingers the few times I’ve heard her snore. You couldn’t even describe that as a snore. More like a wimp of a snore – like a deflated snore. Like gosh, I now have to snore. Jenny also enjoys going to bed at night. You can see her eyes light up when its time to sleep. I usually say to her that she gets ready to go to her throne where she is queen – where she reigns supreme.