Weaknesses…His grace is sufficient

Weakness is weak

Revealingly bleak

Like a creek it leaks and reeks

Of failure…like a tick

It sticks with abandon streak

Yet it humanizes

Even as it crystallizes

You and I with increases

Of the human population that God increases

Even as He works through yours and my weaknesses

Poem by Arnold Etyang

I hate any and every form of weakness in myself, in others, whether perceived or otherwise. It is for this reason that I have read (almost) everything there is to self-help my way through porn addiction. From books that teach one how to avert one’s gaze while on the streets to avoid looking too long at the opposite sex, to books that tell one what a man is and how he should behave himself publicly and privately. I have read all these. Yet, I still continue to and will continue to till I get rid of this weakness. Please don’t fault me on that and like I said earlier – I HATE ANY AND EVERY FORM OF WEAKNESS!

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