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My journey into the depths and riches of the gospel has not been without help. I have received and continuously receive help from many people and I actually “stumbled” upon many of them. These men and women come from various “tribes” within the pentecostal tradition. Some are charismatics, presbyterians, reformed, liberals, and others have no denominational affiliation (like Jesus..haha). They have continually pointed me to Jesus and helped shape my thoughts on the gospel. (as a man thinks so is he)

Are they controversial? you bet they are. Are they in good company with Jesus, apostle Paul, Martin Luther, Martin Lloyd Jones etc? Yes they are.

One thing that is central amongst all of them is Jesus and the gospel of grace.

  1. Jesus  – of course – He owns the whole universe.. duh
  2. Apostle Paul – the guy wrote three quarters of the New Testament 
  3. Andrew Farley –
  4. Brennan
  5. Brian
  6. Chad
  7. Elyse
  8. Gerhard Fordelutheran theologian
  9. Jack
  10. Jared C.
  11. Jessica
  12. Joel Brueseke
  13. John
  14. Josh
  15. Joseph
  16. Josh
  17. Justin Holcomb@justinholcomb
  18. Martin
  19. Matt
  20. Max
  21. Michael
  22. Paul D.
  23. Paul
  24. Preston
  25. Rachel Held
  26. Ray
  27. Ray
  28. Robert Farrar Capon – episcopal priest, author and chef
  29. Russell
  30. Scott
  31. Steve
  32. Steve
  33. Thabiti
  34. Timothy
  35. Tom mor de lasa@tomdelasa
  36. Tullian TullianTchividjian

the list is endless…. but these I have gleaned and learned from even when their view points and thoughts on Jesus and the gospel of grace are diametrically opposed to mine.

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