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Who is your Center?

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Whoever or whatever is your CENTER will master and enslave you. And when you fail they will crush you, and when you succeed, it will never be enough.

In all worldviews except the Christian Gospel, there is one center. Human beings or the general term “Man” is the center.

Consider these ideas

Fundamentalism, Man is the center.

Cultural Christianity, Man is the center.

Spirituality, Man is the center.

Psychology, Man is the center.

Secularism, Man is the center.

Atheism, Man is the center.

Feminism, Man (Woman) is the center.

Subjective Moralism, Man is the center.

Subjective–Idealism, Man is the center.

Materialism, Man is the center.

Humanism, Man is the center.

Democracy, Man is the center.

Marxism/Communism, Man is the center.

Capitalism, Man is the center.

Socialism, Man is the center.

Social activism, Man is the center.

Sexism, Man is the center.

Racism, Man is the center.

Ethnic–Nationalism, Man is the center.

Colourism, Man is the center.

Tribalism, Man is the center.


Notice the difference?

The Christian God is the only master who promises to lift you up when you fail and keep you gentle and humble when you succeed.

Who is your Center?

That’s what grace looks like


Photo by Luís Eusébio on Unsplash





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Schulter Etyang leads The Life Place in Johannesburg, South Africa. Schulter is one whom Jesus loves. He loves his wife, Jenny, and enjoys reading, travelling, cooking, running and playing squash. He also enjoys conversations with friends about Jesus and about life.

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