The gospel according to Chapati/Roti #2

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© January 27, 2018 | Schulter Etyang

I had to do part two of the gospel according to chapati. Why? The famous chapati is unavoidably and metaphorically Jesus and his work for us — hiding in plain sight. If there is one thing that God desires we all know is his son Jesus and his work for us. Why? It is the basis on which we are now accepted, adopted and blessed. Edmund P. Clowney in his book, Preaching Christ in all of Scripture, writes, “The Father is jealous for the revelation of his son.”

“The Father is jealous for the revelation of his son.”

It is amazing to me that all the ingredients that are used in the cooking of chapati point us to Jesus and his work for us. That’s what I want you to see in this post. 

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The gospel according to Chapati/Roti #1


© January 16, 2018 | Schulter Etyang

Growing up, chapati or roti (as its known here in South Africa) was a favourite meal in my family. My mother made chapati for us on weekends, and on special occasions such as birthdays, Easter and Christmas celebrations. When you saw her gathering the ingredients for making chapati, your heart beat with excitement and your salivary glands did a dance. It wasn’t until after I got married, that I really learnt how to cook chapati. I had assumed that I’d never need to learn how to make chapati until I discovered how much Jenny loved them.

Roti’s origins are traced back to the Indian subcontinent. In South Africa, roti is a main delicacy amongst Indians and the colored community. Jenny’s family lives in Durban, which is the epicentre of the Indian community. Indians arrived in South Africa in 1860 to work as slaves at the sugarcane plantations. It is proper to say that their influence has spilled over into many cuisines and dinner tables.

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Why you need to gird your New Year’s resolution with grace

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© January 13, 2018 ⎜Schulter Etyang

We cannot do without New Year’s resolutions. That’s the truth. Goal setting is as old as creation itself. After God created human beings, he set goals for them — be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, subdue and have dominion. (Genesis 1:28) Adam Alter in his book Irresistible, writes, goals … are a biological imperative rather than a luxury or choice (Pg. 107) We are intrinsically goal-oriented beings. 

Jenny and I make resolutions every New Year. We usually sit and write what we expect to do in the coming year. We set goals and plans for the New Year. We set goals as it concerns our health, spirituality, finances, friendships, in-laws, home, vacations, studies, career, ministry etc.

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Why 2018 is your best year yet

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By Schulter Etyang

2018 is here with us. Yes, yes, yes. Jenny and I always look forward to every new year with expectation because of the promises, blessings, and goodwill that God affords us because of what Jesus has done. To us, every year is another opportunity to receive and enjoy ALL those promises, blessings and goodwill. I know I sound like that charismatic preacher on TBN that you don’t like. I know, I know…

But hear me out.

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