God died to marry you

Seven years ago, I was introduced to this revolutionary idea that the bible was all about Jesus. This idea that the bible was all about Jesus rattled and unraveled me. It did. Now I cannot but see Jesus and his free grace in every story, event or person in the bible.

This has in many ways re-shaped my thinking, transformed my affections. When I interact with the Christian, I try to shed some new light on stories in the bible and help them see Jesus. With the non-Christian secular or religious person, I try to help them understand what the Christian faith is really all about.

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The Parkrun

Ten minutes from our home is Gillooly’s Farm where every Saturday morning the Parkrun event takes place. Parkrun is a 5k event that takes place in parks where people of all ages, race, gender, shapes, sizes, etc run, or walk their dogs or baby strollers. Astonishingly, some people run with their baby strollers. A couple of times I have been overtaken by moms with baby strollers. Argh. This morning I completed my 8th park run. Yay

I enjoy exercise and running in particular. Six years ago, I made running part of my exercise routine and I’ve never looked back. I’ve run a few half marathons and 10k’s over the years. I love it. I am Kenyan and at least in my mind I think I’m one of those elite Kenyan long distance runners. (Just so you know Kenyans epitomize the best of long distance runners in the world. Just so you know) I enjoy running more so because when I run I get lost in my own thoughts. Running has become like some sort of “therapy” where I think about my life, gospel, marriage, and all sorts of things. I laugh at my own foolishness. I shout myself down. I get angry. I regret things I’ve said to Jenny. I sing and pray. I cry sometimes (or is it the sweat that gets into my eyes) Oh, you should see me. 

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