Finding Jesus in David’s sin

The gospel has become everything to me. Grace is everything to me. What Jesus did for me is my sail. Without grace, I’m lost in the stormy waters of life. Without the gospel, I’m a mad man hearing strange voices in my head. 

I have to write, journal, read, listen, converse, meditate, debate, consider, contemplate and constantly think about grace. For many reasons but one being to silence the voice of condemnation that speaks so loudly to my heart. The voice of condemnation keeps reminding me how I’ve failed, lied, cheated, doubted, feared and sinned against God and against everyone around me. I have to listen to the gospel. The stereo in our car is always playing sermons and talks that remind us what Jesus did for us. We seem to not get enough of it and every time we’ve lost sight of the gospel, Jenny and I end always end up in a bad space. It is amazing that when the voice of hope and forgiveness is muted, then the voice of condemnation becomes loudest and the consequence is that the person closest to you receives the backlash.

In the past few years the effect of the gospel on my life has transformed my view of what the Bible is all about. I used to read the Bible to find principles and keys that would enhance my life. Now I read the Bible to see Jesus who in fact is what the Bible is all about. The Bible is a God’s storybook about His son.

The Bible is a God’s storybook about His son.

This week I read through 2 Samuel 11 and 12 the famous life story of David, Uriah and Bathsheba his wife and saw the gospel. It’s a story in my opinion that reveals the humanity of David. David is being portrayed as human as human can be – a lustful, and coy man. A man when in the wrong did all he could to cover for his sin. It’s really a bad story. David is me. David is me caught with my hand in the cookie jar and my feeble attempts to provide cover to what I have done. So, you see why I have to listen to the gospel every single time? I have to. I am guilty all the time at least in my mind. I have been ruled just like David by sin. I have seen things I cannot unsee. I have done things I cannot undo. I have said things I cannot unspeak. I am undone.

So, the prophet Nathan comes and confronts David.  He tells David a story about a rich man and poor man and David is so incensed with what the rich man did. He immediately pronounces a death sentence on the man. How funny it is that we are usually so disgusted at someone else’s sin than our own sin? How so often we rush to judge and condemn people we think are sinners yet we are no different? 

After David is done with his tantrum, Nathan pronounces the penalty.

  1. The sword shall not depart from our house.
  2. An adversity would take your wives and sleep with them I public
  3. His child shall die

Can we see Jesus out of this tragic story?

Yes, we can Obama! Lol…

Yes, David sinned colossally and bigly. Rightly so, under the Law he was to be punished. Even worse, he should have been stoned to death.

Can the same happen to us who are under grace? Can God judge us harshly for our sin like He did with David? Absolutely not. Here’s why. Jesus is the reason why God cannot punish us like he did with David. For real? Oh yes!

Jesus is the reason why God cannot punish us like he did with David

the sword 

Under the Law what were the consequences of David’s sin? Nathan told David that the sword would not leave his house. The sword represents God’s judgment. Can we who are under grace be cut through by the sword? Under grace, Jesus on the cross bore the judgment that was due to me. Edmund P. Clowney in his book The Unfolding Mystery: Discovering Christ in the Old Testament writes, he suffers as the substitute for those to whom the stroke was due.” (Pg. 204) Jesus fell on the sword that was coming after you. God’s judgment against my sin fell on Jesus. 

The curse

David was cursed. He was told that an adversary (who later happened to be his own son Absalom) would take his wives and sleep with them publicly. This was a curse.

Can we be cursed under grace? Under grace, Jesus bore the curse for us. (Galatians 3:13) Jesus became a curse for us. He bore the ultimate penalty for our sin so that you and I could be blessed with the free gift of righteousness. He becomes sin so that you and I become the righteousness of God in Christ.

Abar – cross over

Nathan then told David that he wouldn’t die because the Lord has put away your sin. Here you see grace in action because under the Law David was to be stoned to death.  The Hebrew word put away is abar, which means to cross over. David’s sin had to be paid somewhat. He wasn’t just going to walk away scot-free. Who paid for his sin? His own male child. His sins were crossed over to his son and he received the innocence of his son. This is what we call the grace exchange. His son died in his place.

Under grace, Jesus died in our place. Our sins were crossed over to him and his righteousness was crossed over to us.

Yes, under the Law, Nathan did reveal David’s sin because primarily the work of the prophet was to pronounce judgment.

Under grace, does God send you a prophet to reveal to you your sin? Absolutely not! You need not fear those prophets claiming to do so. How can they see sin that Jesus has taken away on his body on the cross? How can you be punished for sin that Jesus has already paid for? Your sin cannot be judged twice. In legal terms, it’s called DOUBLE JEOPARDY.

Not even the Holy Spirit convicts you of sin. In the New Covenant, when you sin you know you have sinned. Just like if you fell in a muddy ditch and got soiled you’d know. This is what the Holy Spirit does to you after you sin. He comes and reminds you the great work that Jesus has done to make you clean. 

He comes and cleans you by reminding you the great work that Jesus has done to make you clean. 

Hey so you’ve blown it, right? Cool. Take it easy. Consider what I just wrote. Consider the gospel. Consider grace. Consider who Jesus is and the claims he makes about the total and unequivocal forgiveness of your sins. He even promises you that he will never ever remember your sins. Consider these realities because they are, receive and enjoy them.

Gosh, every time I think about my life in view of who Jesus is and what He did for me I always become a believer again — like being born again, again — like being saved again, again.

I will not even get into your objections that you’ve stacked in your head against this post. I know what you are saying. “Oh Schulter, so then should we just sin because we know we will never be punished or cursed by God?” Go think about what I just wrote. 

That’s what grace looks like





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