What I did after I got my driver’s license

Photo by Ryan Graybill on Unsplash

I can certainly remember when I qualified for the South African driver’s license. It was July 31st 2017, 10:45am. The testing station was at Bedfordview and the examiner was a Mr. Niekerk – a soft-spoken, non-threatening and unassuming gentleman who guided me through the test. I arrived at the test station at 10am in a mad rush because I had miscalculated some appointments. He did some paperwork and went ahead to explain what the test would entail and after a few minutes led me to the yard.

I must say the test went very well. I passed the test the first time. I am one of the few that could actually attest to the fact that they did the test and passed it the first time. For most people it is a harrowing experience.

After the test he did his calculations and informed me that I had passed the test. He was happy for me. I had officially qualified as a holder of the South African driver’s license. I paid and received a temporary driver’s license that I could use on the roads for 8 weeks until my valid license arrived.

It gets interesting from here…

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Brought to the end of ourselves – the gift that marriage has given us

Our wedding day – September 2, 2011

So, Jenny and I are celebrating our 6th year in marriage. To the one’s that have been married recently that’s like, “Wow that’s amazing guys.” To the ones that have been in this game for long they are like, “Mschew, nothing to see here.” hahahahahaha

On September 2, 2011, we made our vows before God and in front of our families and friends. It was a joyous occasion. I cried and snorted like a baby. The day was a blur to me though. I cannot remember most of the details. The only thing I do remember is that the next day we drove around Johannesburg looking for a doctor because I had mild pneumonia. That’s how we started our honeymoon.

Here we are 6 years later. As we celebrate our 6th anniversary we decided to write a short post about our journey. It’s something we plan to do every year. This is the first of many posts to come about our marriage and how the gospel of grace has worked its way in and through our lives.

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