What’s your worth?




© April, 25 | Schulter Etyang

There is this fascinating account in Leviticus 27 about how the priest would place a determinate value on people, animals, houses, and fields. The whole chapter describes how the valuation process took place.

If it were a man 20-60 years old, their value would be 50 shekels of silver. If it were a woman of the same age, it would be 30 shekels (Vs. 3 -4) For the male 5-20 years old, their value would be 20 shekels. For the female of the same age it would be 10 shekels (Vs. 5) If the baby were male, then his value would be 5 shekels. If she were a girl, her value would be 3 shekels. (Vs.6) For the male 60 years old and above, their value would be 15 shekels. For a female of the same age, it would be 10 shekels. (Vs.7)

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A+ and I didn’t do the exam


© April 20, 2017 | Schulter Etyang

I don’t like going to these places – hospitals, police stations, exam rooms, driver’s licensing centers and airports. I don’t like going to these places at all. Whenever I go to these places for whatever reasons, even legitimate ones, my body twitches, squirms, I breathe heavily, sweat, and I try to calm my nerves by reading through the books that I have on my Kindle app. Something about these places makes me apprehensive and nervous.

And the long queues? Even if seats are provided, the long queues just finish me off. And what about this? You could wait that long and when you get to the counter to be served you are informed that you don’t have the documentation they need to approve your application. You have to go back and sort that out. Wow… Now my blood boils…

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Worship leader, here’s why lifting our hands in surrender is not a New Covenant doctrine

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© April 11, 2017 | Schulter Etyang

For many years as a worship leader, I encouraged people during worship to lift their hands as a sign of surrender. During worship, I made it a priority to make sure that there will be a session where the whole church would lift up their hands. I actually loved the sight of it. Seeing lifted hands in worship is a sight to behold. It really is. I think the significance of that action is tremendous because we are doing it to our God.

Nevertheless, I made the church lift up their hands because I had been taught that the lifting of our hands is a sign of surrender. As you may know, we lead as we are led. We really actually parrot what we have been taught. This is one area where I just repeated what I had heard from prominent worship leaders of that time.

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You shall not what? The Ten Commandments…naah. I don’t know what you are talking about.


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© April 6, 2017 | Schulter Etyang

A lot of people of my generation don’t really know what the Ten Commandments are. Many of my generation can only recite parts of the Ten Commandments and most probably they heard about the Ten Commandments from a secondary source. Like from an old guy who wasn’t even sure himself or peers who are trying to figure it out. You will be hard-pressed to find people in my generation that can recite the Ten Commandments in its entirety. It will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Much of it is also caused by biblical illiteracy. Not many of my generation know what is in the bible.

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Hmmm, that smells so good. I love that

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© April 1, 2017 | Schulter Etyang

When Jenny and I travel overseas, we usually stop by the Duty-Free shops at the airport to try out some perfumes. Jenny especially loves to smell perfumes and to sample them. These shops, have fragrance testing paper strips that you can spray the perfume on and then smell to really experience the scents in the perfume. After that, these strips find their way to my carry-on luggage so that my bag can smell nice. Yaay.. or you might think ‘you cheap guy’ I know, I know 

Each perfume has its own scent combination. Some scents are subtle. Others are intense. Others are floral. Others are woody. Others are herbal. Others are oriental. And the list goes on. But once in a while, we usually smell a perfume that makes us go like, “hmmm that smells so good. It’s not so intense and not dull. It’s cool. It’s soft. It’s warm. Its floral.” Jenny is in perfume heaven when we go to these shops and because of that I’ve also learnt how to choose a good men’s fragrance for myself. With Jenny, there’s never a dull moment. Continue reading “Hmmm, that smells so good. I love that”