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I was walking through our local shopping mall and the song Shut up and Dance by the artist Walk the Moon was playing in the background. If you know my wifey, shopping and in particular window shopping is her therapy. So during the course of our marriage, I’ve had my share of “therapy” sessions. If you know what I mean. Well, every time I hear this song playing, this particular line always gets to me.

She said Oh-oh-oh shut up dance with me
Oh-oh-oh shut up dance with me

When I survey the church world especially the charismatic tribe (of which am proud to be a part) I think we are too burdened by the faith that we rarely get to dance with and enjoy our God. And even if we do, it’s just twenty or thirty minutes on Sunday as prep before the preacher steps up to preach.

We also have erroneously believed the fact that we are soldiers of the kingdom. We are workers in the vineyard. We are disciples and followers of Jesus Christ and thus the implication is we are not allowed to enjoy our faith and most importantly our God.

No wonder we have many sullen, distraught, depressed, and tired Christians because all we know about our faith is WORK, WORK and WORK some more. DO, DO AND DO some more. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This is where this song comes in.
I think because we are too stodgy and serious about ourselves and about our faith we need to hear Jesus say to us SHUT AND DANCE WITH ME. I was one of them that needed to shut up and dance because I was too serious and busy trying to fulfil my purpose and destiny. (sounds familiar). I grew up in the church and did all church things right. However, I forgot to laugh. I forgot to dance. I was too serious. I grew old literally. You should have seen me a few years ago. I WAS INTENSE and DEEP my wife used to tell me…

Only since I was found by Jesus and stumbled on the gospel did I start to dance, laugh, and go easy on myself and others. Time and time again I revert to my old self but I usually keep on hearing from Jesus, shut up and dance. Now prayer and devotion time for me is usually dancing time. No more gritting my teeth and dozing off as I pray and read my bible. I have discovered that Jesus redeemed me to dance and party. His invitation is that I come to him, eat and be merry aka party (Luke 15:23)

Steve Brown of says it’s easier to fake religion than to fake laughter.

Gosh, Jesus loves a party. He loves to sing. He loves to dance. He rejoices over us with singing (Zephaniah 3:17) Angels even join in heaven’s celebrations (Luke 15:10)

Hey, Jesus says to you… oh, oh, oh shut up and dance with me.

that’s what grace looks like

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