I am who Jesus is

© March 9, 2017 | Schulter Etyang 

I refuse to be defined by my experiences — whether good or bad
I am not my education level.
I am not my career achievements.
I am not my relationship status — single, married or complicated
I am not my sexual orientation — straight, gay or queer.
I am not my title – Dr/Mr/M.D/Founder/Apostle/Chairman/Bishop/Honorable etc
I am not the color of my skin.
I am not my bank account balance.
I am not my years of spiritual duties and activities — church attendance, tithing, leading worship, speaking in tongues, all night prayer vigils, fasting etc
I am not my vision, purpose and destiny.
I am not my dieting and exercise.
I am not my gender — male, female or transgender.

I am who Jesus is and His finished work on the cross for me — the gospel – Grace

When that is in perspective, everything else makes sense.

that’s what grace looks like 

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Schulter Etyang leads The Life Place in Johannesburg, South Africa. Schulter is one whom Jesus loves. He loves his wife, Jenny, and enjoys reading, travelling, cooking, running and playing squash. He also enjoys conversations with friends about Jesus and about life.