Grace is not intimidated by your “fits or mood swings”

I’ve been reading the book of Jonah and I could not help myself from laughing out loud when Jonah developed this serious fit because God would not destroy Nineveh. It actually looks like a serious mood swing to the point where Jonah asks God to let him die. Yet our gracious God prepared a plant and then made the plant provide shade for Jonah. Can you believe it? That is what grace looks like. Grace  gave Jonah what he did not deserve. If I were God I would have left Jonah to burn in the scorching heat. Grace gives you what you do not deserve. That is why it is unmerited and unearned.

So the next morning God sent a worm that ate the plant and as a result, Jonah encountered the full wrath of the sun. Hahahaha…. Still in all these, Jonah has this full-blown fit. You should read the discourse between Jonah and God. You would want to smack Jonah on his head. Like “dude what is up with you? You are talking to God. He could just snuff you out.” Still God explains to Jonah why He had pity on Nineveh. 

This is the same Jonah that God had to organize some means of transport aka “whale carriers” for Jonah to get to his destination. I mean… C’mon Jonah. you weren’t that obedient in the first place.

Hey, Grace is not intimidated by your fits or by what you have been taught to believe that you have “missed your season” (you know that teaching). Actually, I think your fits and mood swings are what attract God’s grace. Grace is for us that God has called to do one thing and we went the other way and still had a “fit” when we did what we were called to do. 

Hey, rest easy… Your Daddy is bigger than you think and He can take it.

that’s what grace looks like